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Welcome to the City of Waterville Website!


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the City of Waterville's website. We have a friendly and active community that has a great deal to offer. While you are here you will notice our small town hospitality and enjoy our wide array of outdoor recreation and tourist activities.


Waterville is located in the heart of the beautiful Southern Minnesota Lakes Region. Conveniently nestled between Lake Tetonka and Sakatah, Waterville is 15 miles west of Faribault off Interstate 35 W and 22 miles east of Mankato on Minnesota Hwy 60. With world class fishing, scenic beauty and a progressive atmosphere, Waterville is a wonderful place to visit or stay all year round!!! Please visit the City of Waterville website often for updates on what's happening at City Hall.


Utility Billing Insert Correction

Public Notice

Utility Bill Insert Correction

Please note that the Utility Billing insert contained the per gallon charge of $5.54 and should have been per Thousand gallon charge of $5.54 and the 1-1000 gallon usage line was accidentally omitted.  Please note that the billing system will still round usage to the nearest gallons as provided for in the rate language “Next 1,000 gallons or fraction thereof”.  Usage is rounded down for usage ending in, 0-499 gallons round up for usage ending in 500-999 gallons.     

Gallons New Billing Old Billing Increase
0  $                  33.33  $       24.28  $      9.05
1-1000  $                  38.87  $       24.28  $   14.59
1001-2000  $                  51.41  $       35.71  $   15.70
2001-3000  $                  63.95  $       47.14  $   16.81
3001-4000  $                  76.49  $       58.57  $   17.92
4001-5000  $                  89.03  $       70.00  $   19.03
5001-6000  $                101.57  $       81.43  $   20.14
6001-7000  $                114.11  $       92.86  $   21.25
7001-8000  $                126.65  $     104.29  $   22.36
8001-9000  $                139.19  $     115.72  $   23.47
9001-10000  $                151.73  $     127.15  $   24.58


City of Waterville Utility Bills Go Green.

Pay and view your Utility Bill Electronically.  It's easy, fast and secure.  click on the PSN Logo below to get started.  


Long Range Comprehensive Plan Revised 10/7/2014

                             Comprehensive Plan


Council Meetings

Next Regular Council Meeting And Public Hearing:  May 2, 2017 6:00 p.m.

Proposed Ordinances:  Ordinance 117 Rental Housing Registration/Licensing

                                         Ordinance 150.03 Accessory Structures

                                         Ordinance 111.020 Sunday Liquor Sales

         City Council Special Meeting:  April 10, 2017 5:30 p.m.                                 


EDA Meeting:  April 24,2017 5:00 p.m.

     EDA Special Meeting:                

Planning and Zoning Commission:  May 15, 2017, 7:00 p.m.






Cold Weather Rule Notice

2017 Brush Chipping Dates 

April 19th,  May 3rd, May 17th, June 21st, July 19th, August 2nd, August 16thSeptember 20th, October 4th, October 18th.  

Please call City Hall the Friday prior to the chipping date for this service.  


                                     Sand Bag Clean up for City of Waterville Residents

Valued Waterville Community Member,
Due to the flooding of 2016, there are several community members with sandbags still located on their properties throughout the City. You as the property owner will have the choice of removing your sandbags from your property and placing them in the street curbside in which the City of Waterville will pick up and dispose of your sandbags between April 15 and April 24, 2017. The second option would be to remove your sandbags and dump them at the Old City Shop by April 26, 2017. Please contact City Hall, 507-362-8300, of a date and time that you will have sandbags removed from your property and out to the street curbside for pickup.
The City of Waterville will not be responsible for the removal of sandbags from personal property, however, the City is willing to assist with the disposal in the time frame allotted.
After April 26, 2017, the property owner is responsible for the removal and the disposal of sandbags that remain on your property. You will have to make arrangements with Timm's Trucking, (507) 685-2222 in Morristown for the disposal of your sandbags. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the City of Waterville. Thank you for your support and efforts.
Best Regards,
Douglas Spicer


2015 Drinking Water Report

City of Waterville Comprehensive Plan


Land For Sale Inquire at City Hall, 507-362-8300

Request for Proposals Housing Study and Needs and Analysis 

Request for Proposals Rental Housing Inspector