2014 Photo Contest


You are invited to participate in our 2014 Annual Photo Contest. It does not matter if you are an amateur or professional photographer, take your best digital shot and submit to the City of Waterville 2014 Annual Contest!



Entry is free and by email. You can submit up to 6 entries in any combination of the categories. Your entry must have all the information requested in the SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS BY EMAIL section.



Entries should be submitted by January 31, 2014.



Photos must be taken within or directly adjacent to our city limits, based in one of the CATEGORIES section. Each entry will be judged on subject matter, composition, clarity, lighting, artistry/drama, technical Excellence. Judging will be done by a group of people who will select the best image in each one of the categories. One of these images will be chosen as the Grand Winner.


1. Nature—nature, skylines, open spaces, lakes, parks & wildlife

2. Architecture— cityscapes, landmarks & infrastructure

3. People Portraits—of residents participating in activities, such as doing business, raising family, having fun 

4. Waterville Lifestyle—activities, celebrations, arts & cultural scenes

5. Enhanced Images—photos manipulated for artistic purposes

6.  Historical Images—Images of days gone by



Images from a digital camera must have at least 3 mega pixels high resolution. Scanned image must be either JPG or PNG format at a file size between 2 megabytes (minimum) and 6 megabyte (Maximum) at 300 dpi (dots per inch) of sufficient resolution to print a 8x10 without a loss of quality.


The photo should be renamed as follow: number of a category above (1-6), first and last name of contestant, and short title for the photo, separated by underline. Do not use spaces or dashes. For instance if Teresa Hill entered a Nature shot of birds at Tetonka Lake, she would rename this photo entry: 1_teresahill_birdsattetonkalake.jpg or 1_teresahill_birdsattetonkalake.png.



Entering is easy and free! Limit: up to 6 entries (emails) per contestant in any combination of categories Attach only ONE image file per email and send to: watervillephoto@frontier.com


For each email the contestant MUST supply all the following information:


1. On the email subject line enter: photo contest entry by [your name]


In the message area enter:


2. First and last name of contestant:

3. Contact phone number:

4. Email address:

5. Selected category by number and name (1-6):

6. Date and location where photo was taken:

7. Title for your photo:


By submitting entries, the contestant acknowledges and agrees to the terms of the contest ENTRY AGREEMENT (read terms below).



In submitting the attached photo(s) (PHOTO) to the City of Waterville (CITY) and participating in the City of Waterville Photo Contest I (we), (CONTESTANT), hereby warrant and agree to the following:


  • CONTESTANT warrants to CITY that he/she has lawful ownership rights to the PHOTO and acknowledges that once submitted, the PHOTO becomes the property of the CITY
  • The PHOTO is the result of CONTESTANT'S sole artistic efforts unless otherwise stated above as collaboration.
  • Except as otherwise disclosed in writing to CITY in this submittal form, the PHOTO is unique and original and does not infringe upon any copyright or patent.
  • The PHOTO is free and clear of any lien. The CONTESTANT grants to CITY an irrevocable and non-exclusive worldwide license to reproduce, to distribute, and/or to display two- or three-dimensional reproductions of the PHOTO in any manner whatsoever relating to any CITY publication or event, including, without limitation:
  • Public display as well as reproduction on CITY items, such as print ads, postcards, posters, brochures, applications, television programs and the City website.
  • In addition the CITY will include CONTESTANT'S name somewhere on the document where the photo is used.
  • The CITY may alter images of the PHOTO as necessary to fit into reduced or enlarged format sizes.


CONTESTANT expressly waives any rights that he/she may have to the photo submitted.



CONTESTANT agrees to release CITY, its agents, officials, employees, and volunteers from and against all liability, including copyright or patent infringement claims or causes of action, arising out of this Agreement and claims arising from CONTESTANT'S participation in the City of Waterville Photo Contest. CONTESTANT agrees to defend (with counsel satisfactory to CITY), indemnify and hold City harmless and free from all liability, whether caused by passive negligence or otherwise, arising out of CONTESTANT'S participation or association with the City of Waterville Photo Contest. CONTESTANT agrees to pay all costs incident to any claim, including, without limitation, attorneys' fees.


I agree that the above information is correct.


I further agree that this agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of Minnesota.